Minivet (v.2.1)

From Retailers to Industries
Single platform solution

Defined, Supervised & Automized work

It is a business solution that manages daily activities and processes at an organization.

HRM - Inventory - Accounts - Report Analytics - CRM
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GRP Office (v.1.13)

Designed for Company Formation & LLPs | Compliance Management Services | Corporate Restructuring | XBRL e-Filing​ | Search Report and Charge Registration

This software performs and manages various regulatory functions like carrying incorporation of the firm; sufficing preparation and audit of business reports; filing annual returns; dealing with amended regulations on a steady basis, etc. It is a software that helps you to prepare your resolution, agenda and minute in a click, get auto-filled ROC forms, get a list of compliance and reminders.
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Awreeon (v.3.1)

Designed for Educational Institutes

High speed, exceptional accuracy, increase productivity & strong security

Software which makes work more effective and fast with conceptual UI.

SIS - User specific portal - Examination - Fee Management - GPS Management - Library
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