Minivet (v.2.1)

Software that automates, supports, and improves the daily tasks, activities, and processes in an organization. It lets you to eliminate operational errors, report activities, complete business tasks, as well as enhance your overall efficiency and effectiveness.

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Lead Management

Review the facts, Enquiry is the best

Collection of information for the organisation has been done with the tracking.
  • Generate lead
  • Lead tracking, register
  • Track register
  • Lead close
  • History


Creating ideas and building brands

The products listing is done over here and management of all the records of products with the proper specification and docmentation is generated.
  • Creation of product, edit
  • New Service
  • Product unit & pricing
  • Product document and composition
  • Register

Sales Automation

Count all your assets you always show a profit

Our sales solution can help you engage customers through connected, customer centric processes that improve experinces and maximise sales.
  • Quick sales
  • Feasibility, Estimate
  • Creation of quotation, Work order
  • Order analysis report
  • Configure, price and quote

Build, manage, integrate

From getting order to completing process all the records have been maintain and the reports are generated.
  • Indent creation
  • Purchase order
  • GRN
  • Gate pass, Gate pass return
  • Material issue & return
  • Report
  • Transaction

Store Management

Vendor Management

Our business is taking care of your business

Managing the proper informtion of vendors with respect to their work.
  • Creation
  • Edit
  • Register

Client Management

Customer satisfaction is our primary motto

Key points of client module are:
  • Creation
  • Edit
  • Register

Finance Management

Bringing joy for every company

Accounts is the foremost task of any organisation which identifies the profit shares, sales, expenses and helps in sustaining the organisation for long with proper planning.
  • Creation of invoice
  • Transactions
  • Statement
  • Balance sheet

Human Resource Management

Empowering business & the people who drive it

Manage all the process from recruitement to resignation.
  • Manage Employee Information
  • Attendance Analysis
  • Payroll System

Employee Management

Creative minds with creative people

Creating database of all the employees with the information i.e, joining, department, designation, salary, promotion, resignation.
  • Create new employee, draft & status
  • Verification & approval; unit allotment
  • Enrolled employee list, pending for approval
  • Resignation

Don’t just book it, Time it !!!

Schedule appointment according to the convinent timings of work.
  • Create new appointment
  • Appointments
  • Scheduling



We don’t make task, we make task better.

Make task distribution easy and accurate.
  • Create new task
  • Allotment
  • Stage
  • Reports


We can make work effective and efficient

Manage and track the work scheduled flawlessly
  • Create work with respect to work catogory with multiple stages
  • Allotment of work to particular employee with respect to time
  • Work completion stages
  • Rescheduling of assigned work
  • Multiple report generation

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