We are the team of young, zealous, remarkable, hard working and zestful people. Our team's viewpoint is to connect flawlessly with our clients to be able to provide productive, efficient and collaborative solutions for achievement. Our team's objective is your success.

Mr. Ankur Agrawal

Director, Founder

Mr. Ankur Agrawal Director and founder of company. He is a great asset to the company as he closely monitors the financial results and budgets and takes remedial actions as required. Their role is to create, strategies and put into action the company's strategic plan in a way that is the most effective to the company in terms of finances, time and growth of the company. He is actively formulating and implementing company policy and directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company. His vast experience in web designing gives a new and strong command to develop innovative software products and be the leader in the industry. He provides the vision to the company and mentors the middle management in conceptualizing new software solutions and raising the standards and quality in all aspects of Perfect’s business.

Mr. Ankush Agrawal

Director, Founder

Mr. Ankush Agrawal Director, founder and CEO of the Company has immense experience in software industry. He has been instrumental in shaping the company’s overall strategy development including the transition to delivering a higher mix of developments and innovative software solutions. He is responsible to maintain an accurate and current database and that helps the clients in every possible way. With his unique interpersonal skills and ability to overcome resistance of clients to products helps the company in achieving new heights. He develops and maintains relationships which benefits clients in the long run.

Ms. Ayushi Nimbola

HR Manager

Ms. Ayushi helps and develops a friendly environment amongst the team, also acts as a mentor and supports the management team as they deliver a unique service. Her profile is of web designer and customer relationship manager. She has a calm and friendly nature with her team. She is passionate regarding her work, she has friendly personality and positive attitude which helps in Work with internal development team to execute project requirements.

Ms. Shikha Shukla

Project Manager

Mrs. Shikha Shukla has direct work experience in the field of software development projects, she holds on to the project management head. She plans, organize and manages the overall activity of project development phase. She handles the coordination and preparation for internal and external meetings. She has the ability to handle and deliver the projects efficiently on time.

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